June 28, 2012

Last Week

The pages of words and numbers and odd symbols in front of me don't always make sense. Nevertheless, they're engaging. I like having something to do. Moreover, it keeps my mental faculties from brooding over things that will probably never be; events that, in all likelihood, will never come to pass.


We talk and talk about trust, and many other things, besides. Your trust and my trust and his trust and her trust and how I do not trust people easily. I don't trust any of them, I shoot back. Some part of me wonders why. I'm glad I can trust her. And her. And so many of them. And him, of course.

I've always hated how I seem to have walls around me, walls that are hard to breach, if not impossible to breach altogether. Yesterday, I realized that it probably works to my advantage.


I did not get hurt. Or emotionally blackmailed. Or played with. Or any of the horrible things they've been through. I'm glad.

Finally, I know I've made the right choice. I don't care if the things that my over-active imagination envisions never happen. I know I'm safe, and perfectly happy.

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