January 29, 2012

Two words: mind control.

"I need to learn that from you."

I laugh it off.

Part of me knows that this is something I do not possess, I've simply learnt to keep a level head in social situations.


It's late, and I know I should go to bed, but the promise of yet another conversation is irresistible, so I force my eyes into remaining open. They've begun to follow a pattern now, proceeding along similar lines every time. Surprisingly, they're never monotonous.

I admire how some people can talk without having to think their sentences over a million times before they actually let the words escape their lips.


I've reached that annoying stage where all the tiny, insignificant things remind me of you. And I'm forced to face the reality of what an epic fail this is.

January 21, 2012

It's nice having you in my head.
Enough said.

January 03, 2012

Twenty - Eleven

What a year.

Three months of hard work. Hours of poring over books, writing and reading and writing and reading in endless circles, hoping that at the very least, some of it would eventually settle into my already overworked brain.

The feeling of utter relief when I handed in my last exam paper and the realisation that, yes, it was all over.

The confusion and madness that followed, and the surprises that came out of it all.

New beginnings, stepping into unfamiliar territory, surprising myself with the ease with which I seemed to handle it, new people, faces, things, lives.

Meeting some of the most amazing people in my life right now, the ones whom I have come to adore and really trust, all in the painfully short time span of a few months.

Watching how all it took was one person to transform me, and teach me how to let loose.

Dealing with daily mood swings that never seem to cease, and the effects of hyperactive estrogen levels.

Wondering if I'll ever find the courage to tell you about how it really is.

I wonder how twenty-twelve will treat me!

P.S Wishing all you bloggers a very happy new year :)