June 08, 2012

Baarish and Life

The first little drizzles of the season have arrived, bringing with them the characteristic grey shadows that cloak our little world. I've always loved wet weather, although my reasons for being so fond of the rain are ever-changing.

Rain in Bombay spelled the end of the unbearably hot and sticky summer months, so everyone welcomed the torrents of water that would fall from the skies every June. The rain would also turn the city's streets into waist-deep streams, and one would have to wade through them, hoping fervently that nothing questionable lurked in their murky depths. As children, we loved it. But as we grew older, it turned into a much-dreaded exercise, and by the end of it, we would be tired and chilled to the bone. There ended the charm of the monsoon rains, as far as Bombay was concerned. Someone who'd lived in the city long enough would appreciate the inexplicable beauty the flooded streets possessed when it rained. I happened to be one of them.

But it's so different here. The rain washes away months of dust and soothes frayed nerves caused by the oppressive summer heat. Both heaven and earth wear a look of such freshness, as if the water has sent new life coursing through their vast expanses. Everything around me is so vibrant, the colours are deep and speak of newfound energy, and the grey shadows cast by the overbearing clouds are a welcome shield from the harsh sun; not harbingers of gloom, as many people would say. The world around me, and every living creatue in it, seems alive, all of a sudden.

And I can almost feel them calling out to me, to join their joyous exultation, to be a part of Life itself. An enormous circle devoid of both beginning and end.


  1. I love how you are describing Bombay. I followed you a long time back but honestly didnt kept up with the posts. And now i regret that. You are amazing. I love you.

  2. As usual a great post.
    Down in Bombay, Karachi, Dubai or any other similar place baarish and badal are welcome.

    The UK, we need more sun and warmth .. when will this cold gloomy weather go away!

  3. I love the rain and I love youuuu. So beautiful Anu.