June 03, 2012

A few things I'd like to yell at myself for.

Get all the facts right before you blame people for things they haven't even done.

Don't read between the lines all the time, for goodness' sake. And when you do, you don't need to get worked up.

Can't you send him to the back of your head for one day? Is it really necessary to give him so much of your attention?

You've always loved yourself for not being judgemental, but when you develop an irrational dislike for someone  and you know it's here to stay, no matter what other people say; aren't you being a hypocrite?

He hasn't done anything wrong. Do you really have to be so mean to him?

Isn't it a little stupid that you care about him so much, but he's blissfully unaware of this?

You're being silly. You've disappointed me.


  1. I say a lot of these things to myself too.
    With different people in mind, of course.
    Also, your blog is lovely.

  2. Of course you'd say that, Asad. Watching your twin yelling at herself is entertainment for you. Meaniehead.

  3. dall'Italia una caloroso...ciao