June 08, 2011

No, hard work does NOT pay off

Especially if you happen to live in a country like India. Somehow, we defy pretty much everything that could be considered normal (again, 'normal' is a relative term - what might seem normal to you probably won't seem normal to me, but I digress). No amount of genuine effort and brilliant achievements can match the horrible nexus of money-corruption-political influence that we seem to harbour in such abundance. No, hard work does not pay off. What does pay off is having a substantial amount of wealth, knowing the 'right' people, or the perfect combination of both.

We jump into this mess, knowing fully well that the odds are clearly not in our favour, and come out of it completely broken. We know that the only force we can rely on is luck, and more often than not, it chooses to elude us. We're forced to accept the truth - however disheartening it may be.

And that is how fortune smiles on people who don't deserve it and millions of dreams are shattered forever - and there's nothing that me, you, or anyone else can do about it.


  1. it's the same situation here, too.
    the undeserving and corrupt ones with 'connections' get everything. it is so unfair on the ones who are actually doing something and trying their best to work towards a better future.
    though being ignorant is easier, i am really, really concerned about the political situation in Pakistan. i try my best to keep up with what all is going on in India, too.

    anyway, rawwrrrr Anuradha! ♥

  2. Nothing will ever ever be enough. For anyone or anything.

  3. Ah. I second Furree Katt. The situation in Pakistan is almost the same, maybe even worse. Merit has become almost extinct in the sub continent these days. In India to be rich you need Tata or Ambani at the end of your name and in Pakistan it's Zardari and Shareef=D

    Anyways, we can do one thing. *Highfives*=D
    Times will change, sooner or later.

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