December 12, 2012

One bad day after another.

Realizing that everything I'd painstakingly put together to keep myself happy, is slowly falling apart, slipping away. I can't fix it. I've tried, failed miserably, and wept.

I wish I could pack a few random objects into a bag and travel around the world. Go to a little-known corner of it, spend a month there in the company of complete strangers, and maybe, just maybe, it'll all come together.

December 06, 2012


So many emotions, they will overwhelm me soon. I could've gotten rid of them as soon as they appeared. I could've tried. No, I let them be, I let them grow, I encouraged them. I let myself believe in them. I threw logic and reason out of the window. I let my emotions paint me into what can only be called a mess.

And one fine day it all hits me, and my pen traces the words this is stupid, in barely legible writing, yet again.

The emotions remain. They will continue to torment me.