July 08, 2012

A few hundred photographs. I looked at them, one by one, permitting every little detail to find itself a permanent place in my head. Soon, my field of vision was full of vivid colours and distorted shapes. I relived every little memory I could recollect. Photograph after photograph swam in front of my eyes, each one bringing back a flood of memories. Recent memories. I blinked furiously to suppress the tears that were long overdue. I knew that it would never, ever be the same.


"How long do you think you'll carry on like this?"

It was one of the several questions she asked me. Her voice was definitely distorted over the phone. But I knew that tone. It was the one I always use when I want to drill sense into her. She was trying to do the same thing to me, because I needed it.

I couldn't answer.

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  1. Sometimes i wish we never took photos. That way it's easier to let go of the past.