August 04, 2013

It hasn't stopped raining yet. The world around me is cold and wet, the air damp, I've been ill several times in the last two weeks, but I still love it. Because the world around me is incredibly green, even if the sky is a dreary grey. I love everything. I love how I have to curl up under a thick blanket every night, walk around with soaking wet feet all day. I love sipping hot tea every evening. I love the hour-and-a-half that I spend relaxing with a book nearly every day. I love the still silence of the night, the music streaming into my ears through my headphones, the feel of warm socks on my feet. I've even learnt to love insomnia and sleep-deprivation. There's still something missing, a void that I cannot fill with the things I love. But that's okay. I still love everything.


  1. What about rain? I LOVE RAIN ^__^

  2. You're one of the very few people who actually love and appreciate rain when it finally comes. I know some people who pray and whine for rain, and when it finally arrives, they complain about how it messes up their plans or how they're sick or have no electricity. Sigh.

    I HOPE YOU'RE WELL NOW! And I love you! ♥