September 15, 2010

Temper Tantrums

Sometimes you just have to be angry.

I usually keep my temper under control, locking it away in a heavily-guarded vault somewhere in my head, because custom dictates that we converse politely with other people as far as possible. But there are times when the door of the vault gives way, and most of the frustration and the venom rushes out with all its ferocity. And as the old memories come back to haunt you, faithfully recalled by your over-efficient brain, you just have to let yourself loose.

I guess you deserved it.


  1. Find a sport like kick boxing, karate or something. It'll help in the aggression management. Playing Rugby and Lifting at the gym definitely helped me mellow down considerably. Endorphins and what not.

  2. U sound like me..:)
    Nice space..I'l visit more.