August 28, 2010


The clouds in the sky begin to take on mysterious forms as night approaches. I love watching them with my head leaning against the cold steel of the jaali in my bedroom window. Not a soul is in sight, and the only sounds that reach my ears are the whirring of the ceiling fan, the occasional car smoothly negotiating the road outside, the unrestrained howling of the wind, and the soft whispering of the trees in the garden. The trees are eerie enough to prompt me to glance furtively around my room at the slightest sound or movement, for their crooked branches and broad leaves silhouetted against the silver gleam of the moon cast bizarre shadows on the walls.

The night air and the silence do wonders for the headaches I suffer from on a regular basis. The shadows of the jaali paint dark patterns on my skin, contrasting with the pallor of the moonlight. I pause to puzzle over what the shadowy figure walking past the gate could possibly be doing at 2 AM. I could sit here forever, but my eyes and brain eventually succumb to the tempting allure of sleep, and I drift away, not with a basket full of worries and a bevy of worthless thoughts cluttering my head with their unnecessary static, but with a delightful sense of peace and tranquility.

Never mind that I stayed up half the night to do this, and I will probably grumble my way through school the next day. At any rate, neend eludes me these days, unless I stay awake until the clock strikes an ungodly hour.


  1. You describe stuff really well! :)

  2. How beautiful this post is. I used to stay in my grandparents house where the trees touched the windows and filled me with delicious alarm when their leaves scratched the glass. That memory came flooding back when I read your description of the night. I wish your headaches away. Love, Alec

  3. I stay up 'til three or four every night. Sometimes when I happen to stay awake all night, watching the first rays of the sun creep into places and listening to the first chirps of the birds in the early morning without the sounds of anything else to disturb them, is a delight.
    Hope the headaches elude you as easily as neend does.